Director & Writer: Zero Zhou

Producer: Jessie Ho

Cast: Rainie Yang, Jay Shih, Peijia Huang

Genre: drama

Based on the true story of Taiwanese filmmaker Liu Lili, best known as the director who put many popular novels by Qiong Yao on the big screen. This is a decade- spanning romantic drama revolving around the complicated relationship between Liu, fellow Taiwanese director Chin Hu TUNG and Tung’s wife.

Chin Hu TUNG has been trying to pick Li-Li up when they both were performing in the armed force entertainment team. After graduated from the university, Chin Hu married to Mei WANG. However, ever since Li-Li and Chin Hu started to work together in film, they couldn’t help but fell in love with each other. Mei heard about the affair and was devastated, yet she made a bold decision which changed their lives forever…