MandarinVision Production Department

MandarinVision’s production department, established in May 2015, with a core business in film development, investment and production, as well as the expansion of high quality TV series and new media content. MandarinVision’s production department is led by experienced producer Yeh Jufeng and it aims to create a sound platform for mandarin directors, producers and investors. It hopes to integrate more powerful resources from all cultural and creative industries, with mandarin filmmakers as its basis, linking up Asia with the rest of the world, producing more intriguing and touching works.

Producer: YEH Jufeng

YEH Jufeng is one of the most experienced Taiwanese film producers. Working in the industry since 1993, she has collaborated with renowned directors of different generations and film genres. Yeh is expert in film project development, resource integration, budget control, and international co-production. In 2004, Yeh established Ocean Deep Films. With a unique vision, she hopes to continue to gather talents and resources, to produce high quality films of all genres. She also devoted to establish a comprehensive film-producing environment in Taiwan. With more than 20 years of experience in film production, in 2013, she was awarded the Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year Award at the 50th Golden Horse Awards. At present, Yeh is the head of the MandarinVision Co and Wow Momentum Co.,Ltd.


*2022 / [XIAO XIAO] / directed by Chin Chia-Hua
*2021 / [HACHIKO] / directed by XU ANG
*2020 / [CLASSMATES MINUS] / directed by Huang Hsin-yao
*2020 / [MY MISSING VALENTINE] / directed by Chen Yu-Hsun
*2019 / [A SUN] / directed by Chung Mong-Hong
*2019 / [THE 9TH PRECINCT] / directed by Wang Ding-Lin
*2019年 / [IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD SHOW] / directed by Hsieh Nien-Chu
*2018 / [THE BLUE CHOKER] / directed by David Hsun-Wei Chang
*2018 / [SECRETS IN THE HOT SPRING] / directed by Lin Kuan-Hui
*2017 / [THE GREAT BUDDHA+] / directed by Huang Hsin-Yao
*2017 / [THE VILLAGE OF NO RETURN] / directed by Chen Yu-hsun
*2016 / [GODSPEED] / directed by Chung Mong-hong
*2016 / [ACE OF SALES] / directed by Cho Li
*2015 / [OUR TIMES] / directed by Frankie Chen
*2015 / [TAIPEI FACTORYII] / directed by Hsieh Chun-yi, Cho Li, Hou Chi-jan
*2014 / [THE RICE BOMBER] / directed by Cho Li
*2013 / [SOUL] / directed by Chung Mong-hong
*2013 / [ZONE PRO SITE] / directed by Chen Yu-hsun
*2013 / [TAIPEI FACTORYI] / directed by Singing Chen+Jéro Yun, Midi Z+Joana Preiss, Shen Ko-shang+Luis Cifuentes, Chang Jung-chi+Alireza Khatami
*2012 / [GF*BF] / directed by Yang Ya-che
*2012 / [JOYFUL REUNION-SO FAR SO CLOSE] / directed by Tsao Jui-yuan
*2012 / [THE NEXT MAGIC] / directed by Cho Li
*2011 / [HONEY PUPU] / directed by Chen Hung-i
*2010 / [ZOOM HUNTING] / directed by Cho Li
*2009 / [MISS KICKI] /directed by Hakon Liu
*2008 / [TEA FIGHT] / directed by Wang Ye-ming
*2008 / [RED CLIFF] / directed by John Woo
*2008 / [WINDS OF SEPTEMBER] / directed by Tom Shu-yu Lin
*2008 / [GOD MAD DOG] / directed by Singing Chen
*2007 / [THE WALL-PASSER] / directed by Hung Hung
*2007 / [BLOOD BROTHERS] / directed by Alexi Tan
*2006 / [SILK] / directed by Su Chao-pin
*2005 / [FISHING LUCK] / directed by Tseng Wen-chen
*2005 / [THE PAIN OF OTHERS] / directed by Tom Shu-yu Lin
*2004 / [THE WAYWARD CLOUD] / directed by Tsai Ming-liang
*2004 / [LA MELODIE D’HELENE] / directed by Yin Chi
*2002 / [BRAVE 20] / directed by Wang Ming-tai
*2001 / [WHAT TIME IS IT THERE] / directed by Tsai Ming-liang
*2000 / [MIGRATORY BIRD] / directed by Ding Yar-min
*1999 / [1999 INCIDENTAL JOURNEY] / directed by Chen Jo-fei
*1999 / [FLEEING BY NIGHT] / directed by Yin Chi
*1998 / [THE CANDIDATE] / directed by Peter Lee
*1997 / [SWEET DEGENERATION] / directed by Lin Cheng-sheng
*1997 / [YOURS AND MINE] / directed by Wang Shao-di
*1996 / [MURMUR OF YOUTH] / directed by Lin Cheng-sheng
*1995 / [DRIFTING LIFE] / directed by Lin Cheng-sheng


*2015 / [DREAM OCEAN] / directed by Weica Wang
*2009 / [HOW LONG IS THE ROAD] / directed by Tang Shiang-chu
*2007 / [CHIANG CHING-KUO] / directed by Tang Shiang-chu
*2002 / [HOW HIGH IS THE MOUNTAIN] / directed by Tang Shiang-chu
*2000 / [HOW DEEP IS THE OCEAN] / directed by Tang Shiang-chu

Associate Producer: Sam Tzu-hsiang YUAN

Sam graduated with an MSc (distinction) Media and Communication from the London School of Economics and Political Science, an MBA from the National Sun Yat-sen University, and a BA in Economics and Business from the National Taipei University. Prior to joining MandarinVision at 2015, he had several years of experience in film marketing and distribution. With his education and practical background, Sam is good at integrating market insights and the principle of art creations to produce profound film works.

Director of International Sales and Distribution: Desmond YANG

Desmond Yang holds a Master of Arts degree in Communications Studies from the University of Leeds, U.K., and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature from Soochoo University, Taiwan. Previously serving at Atom Cinema, CMC Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox, Yang brings to MandarinVision 15 years of extensive experience and knowledge of film distribution, acquisition and sales. Prior to MandarinVision, he headed the international sales for acclaimed Taiwanese films, including “Gf*Bf” and “When A Wolf Falls In Love With A Sheep.”

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