The Bold, The Corrupt And The Beautiful

Written & Directed by YANG Ya-Che

Cast: Kara WAI, WU Ke-Xi, Vicky CHEN

Genre: drama, suspense

Festival & Award:
* Busan International Film Festival – A Window On Asian Cinema, nominee for Kim Ji-seok Award
* Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival – Opening Film
* Golden Horse Awards – won Best Feature Film, Best Leading Actress (Kara Wai), Best Supporting Actress (Vicky Chen), Audience Choice Award; nominated for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Art Direction, Best Costume & Makeup Design
* International Film Festival Rotterdam – Voices
* Hong Kong Film Awards – nominated for Best Film From Mainland And Taiwan

There are no men in the Tang family, and it has always been Madame Tang that makes every decision, acting as mediator between the rich and the powerful. Tang Ning, her rebellious daughter, reluctantly cooperates with her while Tang Chen, the obedient granddaughter, observes everything in silence. Only when a friend of theirs and his whole family has been murdered do they realise that they are in deep trouble. Nevertheless, the trio cannot agree on what they should save, and as they pit their wits against each other, none of them could survive alone…