FU Tien-Yu

Ariel LIN, Rhydian VAUGHAN

Rachel CHEN

romantic comedy


* Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival
* Okinawa International Movie Festival
* Fukuoka Asian Film Festival
* Asian Pop-up Cinema


Mei-pao is a healthy 32-year-old woman who works for a frozen food company, testing, promoting and developing various products. She has everything all planned out. She intends to travel with her boyfriend to Northern Europe, where she expects him to propose.

Unexpectedly, her boyfriend breaks up with her before the trip. To preserve her chance of happiness, Mei-pao decides to have her egg (oocyte) frozen. She imagines that the frozen oocyte is like an egg in the freezer, quietly waiting for being born, and gives it the nickname “Egg Boy.” Mei-pao looks forward to finding love, while egg boy eagerly awaits the day he can be born. They become close partners who can share their innermost feelings with one another.

Meanwhile, Mei-pao met A-Shi, the owner and head chef of a popular restaurant. Being a professional cook, A-Shi uses nothing but fresh ingredients and rejects all frozen food, which for him is the world’s most idiotic invention.

As an unlikely romance begins to blossom between them, A-Shi eventually decides to help Mei-pao fulfill her dream of traveling to Northern Europe. Just when Mei-pao thought her love life would finally receive the happy ending it deserves, her relationship bafflingly falls apart again in the icy chills of Lapland.

Can the warmth of love melt A-Shi’s frozen heart? Will Mei-pao’s “Egg Boy” ever get the opportunity to see the wonderful world outside?