Writer & Director: Chen Yu-Hsun (The Village of No Return, Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast, Tropical Fish)

Producer: Yeh Jufeng (A Sun), Lee Lieh (Detention)

Cast: Liu Kuan-Ting (A Sun), Patty Lee, Duncan Chou

Special Appearance: Joanne Missingham, Lin Mei-Hsiu, Umin Boya

Genre: Fantasy, romance, comedy

Festival & Award:

* Busan International Film Festival – Open Cinema
* Golden Horse Awards: 11 nominations and 5 wins
Wins: Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, Best Film Editing
Nominations: Best Leading Actress, Best Leading Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Sound Effects, Best Original Film Song
* Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
* Seattle International Film Festival – Asian Crossroads
* Asian Pop Up Cinema – Audience Choice Award
* San Diego Asian Film Festival Spring Showcase
* Udine Far East Film Festival – Crystal Mulberry Award, Black Dragon Award
* Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival – Formosa Fantastic, New Cinema From Asia competition
* New York Asian Film Festival
* Seattle Taiwanese American Film Festival
* Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival
* Taiwan Film Festival in Australia
* Taiwan Film Festival in Boston
* Taipei Film Awards
Wins: Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects
Nominations: Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography
* Asian Film Awards – nominated for Best Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Visual Effects
* Lund Fantastic Film Festival – Audience Award
* London East Asia Film Festival
* Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
* Hong Kong Film Awards – nominated for Best Asian Chinese Language Film

Xiao Chi always acts quicker than others. She sings ahead others, jumps the gun, poses and shuts her eyes before everyone in group photos, that’s why she never has good photos to keep since childhood… Boys who tried to pick her up failed to catch up with her pace, therefore she remains single until, now, she’s in her 30s.

Xiao Chi works as a post office counter clerk where she is perfectly quick and agile. She meets all sorts of customers at work yet no one really catches her eyes. Valentine’s Day is approaching, she says that she doesn’t give a damn about it. Yet after hours she listens to radio call-in show while having illusions of romantic dates. She thinks: “I really want someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with!”

Bus driver A-tai is always slow. He throws late for rock–paper–scissors, swinging at the ball too slow and missing it every time… He always fails to catch up with others’ pace. Luckily his relative gets him a job as a bus driver so that he can simply work with fixed schedule. A-tai has a daily routine, he sends regular mails at the post office where Xiao Chi works. Xiao Chi loses her temper with A-tai every time, without knowing that A-tai actually quite enjoys the way she treats him…

On Valentine’s Day eve, on her way home from work, Xiao Chi bumps into a community folk dance teacher who is gentle, cute and totally her type. To her surprise, the teacher also has crush on her and asks her for a date on Valentine’s Day! Xiao Chi looks forward eagerly to the coming of Valentine’s Day…

The next day when she wakes up, Valentine’s Day somehow is already passed!?