Writer & Director: Phoebe Jan
Producer: Sanling Chang
Cast: Simon Lien, Ellen Wu

Festival & Award:
* Asian Pop-Up Cinema – Closing Film

On a cold Valentine’s Day, a girl Xiao-Hua runs into a boy A-Wen who is waiting for his lover. Out of empathy, Xiao-Hua hands A-Wen a cup of hot milk tea. The two get to know each other since. On the same day, Zi-Jie Huang also bumps into Xiao-Hua. Zi-Jie behaves like a jolly charming womanizer, which makes Xiao-Hua uncomfortable. There are already frictions between the two at the first sight.

Xiao-Hua is convinced that A-Wen’s lover must be Yi-Chun, known as Butterfly. Out of surprise Xiao-Hua discovers Yi-Chun cheats on A-Wen with Zi-Jie. She feels even more sympathetic to A-Wen. Xiao-Hua later realizes that Zi-Jie never gives his heart to anyone, because he could die at any second. After Zi-jie confesses to Xiao-Hua his love for her, Xiao-Hua’s ex-boyfriend Shao-Ping unexpectedly reappears and stirs up her peace. When Xiao-Hua finally admits her feeling for Zi-Jie, Zi-Jie is ill. Winter is coming to end, will there be a happy ending at the end?

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