Writer and Director: WANG Xiaofeng
Producer: YEH Jufeng
Producer: Nemo XIN
Cast: ZHANG Songwen, ZENG Kelang, WANG Yueyi, CHEN Yongsheng

Festival & Award:

* 2018 FIRST International Film Festival Financing Forum – Dadi Film Script Development Award, Hero Film Distribution Award

* 2020 Shanghai International Film Festival “Work In Progress”

* 2021 FIRST International Film Festival Xining – Competition

In a small town in western Gansu province, Zheng, a middle-aged man falls in straitened circumstances after his divorce and losing his job. However, an incident of his anger venting turns him into a local live steaming celebrity- “Busy Body”. While savoring the unprecedented success in his life, Zheng meets his partner Liangliang, a middle school student. They team up to reveal people who have uncivilized behaviors in the town. A father-son relationship evolves between them. Meanwhile, the portrait of the small town spreads out in an interesting way. It seems that Zheng has come to a turning point of his life that is going to end all his misfortune. However, Zheng’s ego and arrogance annoys Liangliang. Their relationship almost breaks down until Liangliang finds that Zheng has been diagnosed with a deadly disease. Zheng has decided to accomplish something meaningful during his remaining time, which turns out to be saving Liangliang from a crisis.