Director: Yaosheng Chang

Producer: Mong-Hong Chung

Cast: Gwei Lun Mei, Yo Yang, Michael Chang

Genre: drama, romance, comedy

Festival & Award:

* Tokyo International Film Festival
* Hawaii International Film Festival
* Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
* Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival – Opening Film
* Golden Horse Awards – 4 nomations: Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Makeup and Costume Design, Best Original Screenplay

The story begins with a leg about to be amputated. The leg’s owner is Zheng Zi Han, undergoing amputation due to diabetes. He originally thought he would be discharged from the hospital soon after the operation, but a few days later, he suddenly and unexpectedly develops complications from septicemia and passes away. After Zheng Zi Han dies, although it is many days after the amputation, his wife Qian Yu Ying is suddenly inspired to help him seek the whereabouts of his vanished leg. During the course of Qian Yu Ying’s return to the hospital to find the leg, the story is told of how she and Zheng Zi Han became acquainted, fell in love, and how their relationship gradually shattered. Qian Yu Ying recalls their first meeting, when Zheng Zi Han led her in a waltz, and how it was originally because she loved Zheng Zi Han that his dream to become an international ballroom dance champion became her own dream. She began striving toward this aspiration, but Zheng Zi Han himself strayed from the path of his dream, even spoiling his own future prospects. As their past appears vividly in her mind, Qian Yu Ying’s motivation in searching for the leg also becomes more and more clear. Although the process of finding the leg is far from smooth, thanks to the strength forged from mediating Zheng Zi Han’s past difficulties, she has developed a kind of attitude of sincerity and earnestness to resolve various crises. When Zheng Zi Han’s leg is finally retrieved and brought back to his body, Qian Yu Ying recognizes that her perseverance was actually for the sake of properly thanking and saying farewell to this man whom she once loved and sacrificed for, and that after this, Qian Yu Ying will begin her own journey by herself.